One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book by Mike Medaglia

52 pages, one for each week of the year. This is a book that combines the relaxation and therapeutic act of colouring in with wise and thought-provoking words from great thinkers by the likes of Gandhi & Virginia Woolf.

The artwork by Mike Medaglia has been inspired by these words, your role is to bring the black and white illustrations to life with colour.

Check out to see Mike Medaglia’s weekly illustrated meditations.


Published by Self Made Hero


How Big Is Big? How Far Is Far? By Jan Van Der Veken

The perfect book for a design savvy child with an inquisitive mind.

The book makes comparisons about units of length, distance, weight, speed, volume and time. It does this in a way that makes the concepts easy to understand, for example how many bath tubs would a summer cloud fill? How many days would it take in an elevator to reach the center of the Earth?

The book has been designed and illustrated beautifully, making the information even more appealing and engaging.

Another gorgeous book by the publishing company Little Gestalten.


No! by David McPhail

Other than the word ‘no’ which is used three times, this is effectively a wordless picture book. Like all good wordless picture books, the illustrations speak volumes. The images in this book pack a punch and deliver an important message.

When a young boy leaves the house to deliver a letter he encounters aggressive and violent acts of war as well as an everyday bully on the street corner.

The book suggests that acts of war and conflict are comparable with the behaviour of the bullies we encounter as children. It demonstrates that there are alternative ways to approach conflict and that we all should stand up to the people who attempt to bully us.

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.


Detective McWoof and the Great Poodle Doodler Mystery by Timothy Knapman, Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown

The Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson of the Canine world, Detective McWoof and his trusty partner Wanda are on the scent of a new case.

Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face, but will Detective McWoof unravel the clues and find the culprit?

Published by Oxford University Press.


The Mouse Who Reached the Sky by Petr Horacek

“Little Mouse has a big plan in this charming lift-the-flap story book by the award-winning Petr Horacek.

A beautifully illustrated and charming story about Little Mouse and her friends from the much loved and award-winning Petr Horacek, an illustrator described by the Washington Post as “the thinking tot’s Eric Carle”. What is that beautiful red, shiny thing hanging from the tree? Little Mouse thinks it’s a marble, but Mole is sure it’s a balloon and Rabbit says it’s a ball. None of them can reach it by themselves, so how will they discover what it really is? Enjoy lifting the flap to reveal the tasty surprise at the end.” — Walker Books


I Don’t Like Koala by Sean Ferrell, Illustrated by Charles Santoso

This is a child-centred story about that stuffed toy someone bought you that gives you the creeps. As a child my brother and I had a plastic worzel gummidge doll that used to freak us both out. We spent most of our childhood hiding it in each other bedrooms, under pillows, in wardrobes or under the covers.

The illustrations are well crafted and add to the dark comic tone of the narrative. It’s a very funny bedtime story for your little ones.

Published by Simon & Schuster.