The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett & Jory John

The Terrible Two

Synopsis: This amazing book that I have been reading is called The Terrible Two. It is about a young boy named Miles who moves from his house and lives in a strange valley called Yawnee valley. Did you know there are more cows than there is to humans? As I was saying, Miles moved into the valley, but started school not the best way.

What I liked about the writing is that the author used very descriptive language such as adjectives to describe the feelings of the character and even adverbs to show how the character is saying the speech. Furthermore, I also liked the way the author wrote that Josh Barkin threw Miles food on his clothes because it serves him right for shoving his backpack into Miles face. Moreover, I like the way that Barry Barkin,[Principal of the Yawnee valley   science and letters academy] was embarrassed by the whole school when his car was parked right in front of the school entrance and when it was April fool’s day there were one hundred cows mooing inside the school.

What I liked about the illustrations is that on the second page of the book, there is Niles Spark prank wall and the illustrator, Kevin Cornell, turned it into the title of the book and added extra detail. Additionally, I truly like the picture when Miles is covered with Macaroni and tomato soup all over is clothes. The reason I like this image is because you could also see the look at Josh’s face expressing how VEX he looks and the students surrounding him are shocked.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read a funny book and just enjoys it.

I give this book 9.9/10

Reviewed by Romeo, age 9


What Ever After If the Shoe Fits by Sarah Mlynowski

Abby and Jonah fall into a magic mirror and are in the Cinderella story she then accidently drops a shoe on Cinderella foot and its swollen is she going to fit the shoe when the prince comes or will it be goodbye for her

I really like this book it leaves me in suspense. Is Cinderella’s foot ever going to fit into the shoe?  Have Abby and Jonah ruined the story? Are Abby and Jonah ever going to get home?

I recommend this book to age 7+

Abby and Jonah are normal people from swift villa who fall into magic mirror and find that they have entered the Cinderella story

It has an interesting twist that will surprise you… but I won’t spoil it.

I would like to read more Stories like this!

This is the book the best book I have ever read and actually finished.


I will give it a 10 out of 10

Book review by Esther aged 9



Ever wanted to know what Fjallmarr, father of horses and dragons, looked like? Or were you more curious to discover who the gentlest of the giant folk were? This sparkly (yes it really is sparkly!) new Flying Eye edition of Hilda and the Midnight Giant comes fitted with a limited edition dustjacket and Luke Pearson’s very own glossary of “The Giants of Old.” Re-printed due to popular demand, our extra special features will delight the most die-hard of Hilda fans!

- Flying Eye Books

I am a die-hard Hilda fan and I think this is my favourite one to date.


There’s a Shark in the Bath by Sarah McIntyre

When a family of sharks pop out the plughole, Dulcie must figure out a way to keep them from eating her up! Cue utter silliness and sea creatures.

Sarah McIntyre

Published by Scholastic

I like this book. The illustrations are fun. The concept is ridiculous and silly (and all the more charming for it) but not beyond the bounds of a child’s imagination.

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Check out the magpie she illustrated for me.

Sarah McIntyre


Migloo’s Day by William Bee

Meet Migloo – everyone’s favourite dog! Follow Migloo on his adventures through Sunnytown as he follows his nose for delicious treats and meets all his friends along the way – Tom the farmer, Sydney the window washer and Agatha the post lady. Migloo is even invited to a very special school concert in the park, but – oh, no! The school bus breaks down and the children are stranded! Luckily, when that loveable dog wags his tail, Sunnytown’s finest come calling…Migloo might just save the day!

Pre-order from Waterstones

Published 2nd April 2015