The Butterfly Garden by Laura Weston

The Butterfly Garden is an educational picture book about the life cycle of Butterflies. The book is illustrated in striking black and white with spots of colour and interactive lift the flap elements on each page.

The book is presented as a sturdy board book so very young readers can enjoy it, but it is also useful for older children who are starting to learn about the life cycles of different animals.

I particularly like the black and white backgrounds; they look like they have been printed from block carvings and make this book an interesting, graphic alternative to other books out there on similar topics.

Published by Big Picture Press.


The Great Journey by Agathe Demois and Vincent Godeau

I love it when graphic designers create children’s books. The results can be magical and appeal to all types of audiences, for example: Saul bass and Henri’s Walk to Paris, Milton Glaser and The Alphazeds, Paul Rand and Sparkle and Spin, Peskimo and Alphablock – I could go on…

(Maybe I should, that would make a good blog post.)

Anyway, as I was saying, the results can be magical, innovative and engage the reader in new ways. This book – The Great Journey, does just that.

We follow Red Beak as he flies to the other side of the world to a jungle, to join an annual gathering of birds from all over the world.

The story is told from two perspectives, one with the naked eye and the other with the use of the magic view-finder. Using this we discover what’s really going on behind the scenes, over forests and farmlands, cities and seascapes.

Young readers and adults will delight in the experience. You could be excused for thinking of it as a gimmick and it could be mimicked badly to make a novelty item. But don’t be mistaken, these two talented illustrators/graphic designers have created a book-shaped piece of magic for your bookshelf.

Published by Tate Publishing.


Dog Bingo By Polly Horner

Laurence King Publishing do it again! I adore these games they are publishing. From someone with a keen eye for design, I find them to be irresistible. From a teacher’s mindset and parent’s mindset I find them the perfect educational tool, a fun, memorable and engaging way to learn about all the different breeds of dogs out there.

As well as all that, it’s fun for us adults too! And educational for us adults, if like me you can name about 4 breeds of dog.

Christmas is coming up; I’m going to be filling stockings with these.

Published by Laurence King Publishing.


A Great Big Cuddle by Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Chris Riddell

Two of the biggest names in children’s publishing, Michael Rosen and Chris Riddell, come together in a new poetry collection.

The poems are child-centred, fun and infectious with their playful rhythm and repeated patterns. Michael Rosen captures the mindset of small children, delivering a collection of wonderfully warm poems that children can participate in and perform again and again.

Chris Riddell’s extraordinary illustrations illuminate this collection of poems. But it’s not just his unique style of personality abundant characters that add such joy to this publication, the typography alone is scrumptious. The words of each poem are typeset with exquisite skill. When you bring all three of these elements together: great poems by a great poet; marvellous illustrations by a master of his craft and stunning typography you end up with a publication that is very, very special.

Published by Walker Books.


A Book of Feelings by Amanda McCardie, Illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino

Expressive, watercolour illustrations by Salvatore Rubbino are paired perfectly with this book about expressing one’s feelings.

Growing up, going to school, new siblings – these can be difficult times in a young person’s life. This books aims to help those children, who sometimes find it difficult to express what they are feeling. The book achieves this with a warm and gentle touch.

The book follows the day to day lives of brother and sister, Sam and Kate. We see them when they are happiest and we see them when they are not. We experience all types of emotions and as children we might not understand why we get grumpy, embarrassed, shy, nervous, frightened, sad and jealous.

We see Sam and Kate in all kinds of situations at home and at school, which cause them to experience these feelings. We learn when emotions can spiral out of control and how we can help and support each other.

I think this is an important book that does what it says on the tin, written sensitively and illustrated beautifully.

Published by Walker Books.