How to Find Gold By Viviane Schwarz

I get a lot of books in the post; it can be hard to keep up with them at times. Not that I am complaining, I get so much joy from them all. But, every now and then I open a package; pull out a book and recognise the distinctive style of one of my favourite illustrators and I become incredibly excited. For me, Viviane Schwarz is one of those illustrators; her books are innovative and inspired, filled with imaginative story lines and fascinating characters. So, as you can imagine I was very happy to find this on kitchen table when I got home from school.

It’s a book about friendship and imaginative play that depicts the spirit of childhood adventure.

Published by Walker Books.


Alphadoodler by Jan Bajtlik

Alphadoodler is an activity book children and typography nerds, created by graphic designer Jan Bajtlik.
The book is filled with activities for children to draw, scribble, cut, stick, paint and design.

The book is beautifully put together; it is exactly the kind of book that I want my children to get stuck into. They might have to prise it from my fingers first though.

Published by Tate Publishing.


Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth by Jarvis

This is Alan – he’s an alligator – notorious for his BIG, scary teeth. He loves nothing more than sneaking into the jungle and scaring all of the jungle animals. But, Alan has a secret… his BIG, scary teeth are not his own. Every day, Alan has a warm, mud bath. While bathing in his muddy pool, Alan likes to remove his BIG, scary (false) teeth. To Alan’s horror, his teeth go missing. What will he do now? Will he be able to frighten the animals without them?

Children will delight in this surreal story and its silliness.

Available in paperback on February 4th 2016.

Published by Walker Books.


Outfoxed by Claudia Boldt

Outfoxed is the latest picture book by illustrator Claudia Boldt. It’s a story about a fox – an unusual fox – who doesn’t like chicken and loves reading detective novels. Wrongly accused of being the head honcho in a chicken smuggling crime ring, he finds himself trying to solve the mystery and in doing so saving his chicken chums.

The book is illustrated in Claudia’s distinctive and quirky manner, which makes this charming story all the more pleasurable to read.

Available in hardback from February 4th 2016

Published by Tate Publishing


The Big Book of Animals of the World By Ole Konnecke

A large-format boardbook looking at the common—and uncommon—animals that live side-by-side all over the world.

Each spread in this big boardbook focuses on a continent or ocean and features animals, landscapes, and plants unique to that part of the world.
There are also multiple little stories hidden within the pictures, encouraging storytelling and further questions.