23 Degrees 5 Minutes

An old explorer close to freezing in the Arctic re-lives the events that have brought him there. He recalls his student days at Trinity College in Dublin when he studied under the enigmatic Professor Orit, the professor who was driven to madness by his obsessive pursuit of the unified theory. Convinced that the answer somehow lay in the relationship between the numbers two, three and five, Professor Orit’s obsession started the journey which has led his former student to the top of the world.

Sketch Travel

This animated short was created as a part of Sketch travel project which is an international charity art project where one red sketchbook was passed around between 71 artists around the globe for 4 and half years. The original Sketchbook was sold for 70,000 Euros (96,200 US$) and its entire proceeds will go towards building libraries in the third world countries in partnership with a child literacy non profit Room to Read.