Power to the Pupils

Power to the Pupils grew out of ‘rap club’ at Southwold Primary School, Hackney, London in January 2011.

Rap club takes place every Friday at school before we have our lunch. We sit in a circle and we then talk about ideas for new songs, ideas for things to do and what we want out of those things.

We chose the name to Power to the Pupils because we didn’t want to be dull and we wanted to be known as Power to the Pupils.I designed a logo, which is based on our school logo together with mics and the rhyme books we use.

After a while, we all had written four songs (one member had written five) which soon were recorded on a cd and published as a book. We raised one hundred pounds for the group by selling the book and cd to the parents of kids in Southwold Primary School and also to the teachers of Southwold Primary School.

All the children in rap club love rapping and singing and occasionally they get to show of their dancing skills because it’s a place to express yourself in a good way and no matter what the only laughing is never at but always with you.

Written by Jared aka JB

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