De Planeta

De Planeta (latin for “about a planet”) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and death of a little planet, showing all the colorful wonders it has to offer by following it through the ages with a fast-paced and engaging rhythm, culminating into the triumph of modernity over nature, with all the consequences that may follow upon it…


  • Current NASA mission information
  • Over 11,000 images (and growing everyday)
  • Latest news & feature stories
  • On demand NASA Videos from around the agency
  • Live Streaming of NASA TV
  • Current Visible Passes for the International Space Station (ISS) and notifications
  • Launch information & countdown clocks
  • ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers
  • Featured content section
  • Latest NASA tweets from around the agency
  • Programs section
  • Facebook® Connect and Integrated Twitter™ client for easy sharing
  • NASA TV and What's On Your TV schedules
  • Map, information and links to all of the NASA visitor centers
  • Third Rock internet streaming radio
  • Favorites & image bookmarks
  • Printing support

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