Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales: The Pied Piper of Hamelin, illustrated by Chris Riddell

With this first book in Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales series, the famed comedian, actor, and bestselling author delivers a hilarious retelling of an old fairytale favourite that will appeal to adults and children alike.

Simon & Schuster

Also check out his youtube channel The Trews (more for the adults than the children).


Emma in Paris, written and illustrated by Claire Frossard, photographs by Christophe Urbain

Follow Emma’s story on her adventures in Paris, where she meets her cousin Amelie and begins an unlikely friendship with a cat named Edouard.

Christophe Urbain’s photography and Claire Frossard’s quirky illustrations go beautifully hand in hand. Reading this book feels like a stroll through the boulevards of Paris on a summer’s day. Emma visits historical landmarks, market stalls and cafes and takes us with her for the journey.

It’s a magnificent picture book.

Published by one of my favourite publishers of children’s books, Enchanted Lion Books.


Luke Flowers – Master of Mash-Up!

I’m a huge fan of Luke Flowers’ illustrations, he has a really fresh and exciting style. He can literally illustrate garbage – and I love it.


Like Luke, I share a love of 80’s popular culture & all things Pixar;  I was really excited when I found this on Luke’s website. By the way check out his website, tons of cool work on there.

From the first time I went to a movie at the movie theatre (E.T. was the earliest I can remember), I felt an instant connection to the artistry of film. I am quite thankful that the 80’s offered so many classics, filled with memorable characters and highly imaginative stories. For me, these beloved films are like Doc’s Delorean (hence the header license plate nod). They instantly take me back to an age that formed the foundation of my creative journey, my fondness for film … and a whole slew of awkward middle school moments. 

I am deeply grateful for the invitation to create a piece for Pixartimes, and honored to be among so many admired creatives. I was inspired to combine my favorite childhood films and my love for all things Pixar, and what better way to do that then the timeless art of the movie poster! Each poster is based off the original movie poster from my favorite 80’s film then given a Pixar twist. The credit text on the posters have quirky nods to both the Pixar film and original film stars, directors, composers, etc. … see if you can make the connections!

I will be creating one poster each month, so be sure to check back each month for the latest installment! Each Pixar film will be represented throughout the year (except combining the Toy Story films into one month to be able to get all 14 Pixar movies in the year timeframe).

Check out for the Q & A and original Jan. & Feb. posts! 

Luke Flowers

Here is the magpie mash-up Luke illustrated for Magpie That. Now hurry up and make a picture book Luke!

magpie magnum