Historium Poster Book (Welcome to the Museum) By Richard Wilkinson

Illustrated to perfection, this large-format poster book is the perfect accompaniment to the Big Picture Press’s Historium. This book allows you to decorate your walls with its beautiful imagery.

Great classroom resource for teachers also, I shall be decorating my classroom with these, for sure.

Published by Big Picture Press

1st March 2016


Hello World! By Paul Beavis

Little monster takes his first steps into the big, wide world. His adventure becomes bigger than he anticipated. He becomes a little homesick and wishes his friend Mrs. Mo was with him with sandwiches.

Fortunately, Mrs. Mo is right behind him and together they look over the expanse of the land and marvel at the world, together.

I think you’ll agree, the illustrations are stunning.

Published by Gecko Press.


When I Grow Up (Who’s That?) By Tad Carpenter

There are so many crap toddler books on the market. Why buy them – when you could buy ones created by amazing designers.

Here is another board book in the ‘Who’s That?’ series by designer Tad Carpenter. My son will be pleased, the last one I gave him stayed in his hands for months on end. He still grabs the now dog-eared, torn remains of the book from the shelf. I can’t bring myself to throw it away; it’s become a sort of comfort blanket.

Clearly, he has impeccable taste and will grow up to be a trail-blazing designer.

Published by Sterling


The Curious Explorer’s Guide to Exotic Animals A to Z by Marc Martin

Marc martin is fast becoming one of my favourite picture book makers. Check out my reviews of his picture books, A River and the beautiful story of a seagull – Max.

For this nonfiction title, Marc Martin has partnered up with my favourite publisher of nonfiction children’s book, big Picture Press.

The book does what it says on the tin, it’s an A to Z of exotic animals. But what is really remarkable about this book is the illustrative work of Marc Martin. The animals depicted fit somewhere on the spectrum, between Miro’s surrealist creatures and reality. Marc martin manages to create a sense of magic realism (like an exaggerated version of our actual response to exotic animals). Each composition is surprising and ultimately, pleasing on the eye. The illustrations are rich in colour and full of texture.

A beautiful, beautiful book.

Published by Big Picture Press.


Aama: You Will be Glorious, My Daughter Volume 4 by Frederik Peeters

On Ona(ji), Verloc Nim is the sole survivor of an expedition to recover Aama, the experiment that has transformed the surface of this desert planet into a landscape inhabited by lethal biorobotic creatures and plants. Having pieced together the events of his recent past – his journey to Ona(ji), his part in the deadly expedition to Aama’s source – Verloc finds himself physically transformed by his confrontation with the experiment. But will his extraordinary new powers be enough for him to save his daughter? The final volume of Aama, You Will Be Glorious, My Daughter, is the culmination of Frederik Peeters’> award-winning series – a gripping blend of breathless action, existentialism and suspense, and a spectacular vision of the distant future.

Published by SelfMadeHero


I Want Spaghetti! By Stephanie Blake

This is a very funny book to read aloud to your toddlers. They’ll definitely relate to Simon (the fickle and stubborn little rabbit). All Simon wants to eat is spaghetti! All day he demands spaghetti. In doing so, he gets himself into a spot of trouble and is sent to his room, where he continues his spaghetti tantrum. Until, of course he over hears his parents enjoying chocolate cake.

The illustrations are bold and instantly recognisable. It is the perfect book for fussy eaters, stubborn toddlers and their horrendous tantrums. This is definitely one for both toddlers and their adult slaves.

Published by Gecko Press.