Pink Lion

Arnold is a pink lion who lives with his loving and bright pink flamingo family. He fits right in and enjoys playing in the watering hole until he meets a pride of lions. All of a sudden he starts to question where he truly belongs. He tries to be a good lion but misses his old life. But when his flamingo family is threatened by a crocodile, he has to find his inner lion to protect them.

A lovely book which had 3-year-old, pink-loving Georgie roaring like a lion for days!

Written and illustrated by Jane Porter, published by Walker Books.

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Cap’n Rex & His Clever Crew by Henry L. Herz

What a fun book! Especially if you know someone who can read it in a Somerset accent.

Cap’n Rex is a T-Rex pirate who is on a quest to find treasure. Just like any good captain, Cap’n Rex has a capable crew behind him. Unfortunately, his crew easily gets discouraged by the obstacles they face.  With constant encouragement, his crew is able to find creative ways to overcome the problems and continue their treasure hunt.

When Georgie and I read this book, I asked her what Cap’n Rex should do with the treasure once he had found it. Without hesitation she suggested he should share it with the crew. Lesson learned!

Written by Henry L. Herz, illustrated by Benjamin Shipper and published by Sterling Children’s Books.


Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster by Richard Torrey

This book follows on from  ‘Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School’. In this story, Ally has to learn to stand up for herself and her friends because a new bossy neighbour loves turning everything into a rule… until Ally-Saurus has had enough.

This book is brilliant because it gets children thinking about the way people feel and behave. The illustrations are fantastic and show the characters’ feelings really well. Ally also finds out that not all bullies behave badly on purpose. In the end, Ally as well as the bossy neighbour learn their lessons and become friends.

I read this book to my class of Year 3s and we identified where Maddie, the bossy neighbour, behaved like a bully. We then discussed how she could change her behaviour for the better.

It triggered some interesting discussions about friendships and playground issues.

Written by Richard Torrey and published by Sterling Children’s Books.

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What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day? illustrated by Dawid Ryski

What do you want to be when you grow up? A common question that’s often answered with fireman or footballer for boys and princess or teacher for girls. This book highlights endless possibilities beyond the traditional gender stereotypes. From male primary school teachers to female farmers, from male carers to female carpenters, from male fitness trainers to female mechanical engineers, this book illustrates that anything is possible for boys and girls.

This book offers a perfect starting point for discussions about future ambitions and possible career choices.

I played a fun game with my class of 7 year olds where I mentioned the profession and they would tell me if they thought it was a male or female job. This sparked an interesting conversation where I found myself asking ‘Why not?’ quite a few times. This was also recently picked up on in a BBC documentary ‘No More Boys And Girls’ by Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim that investigated the impact of subconscious gender perception of adults and the impact that had on how children saw themselves. A brilliant book that will get children thinking.

The vintage style illustrations are beautiful and support the message of the book very well.

Published by Little Gestalten and brilliantly illustrated by Dawid Ryski.

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Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell

A wonderful storybook for anyone who enjoys reading, just like Luna and Franklin the dragon. Both enjoy reading and discover that they have quite a lot in common even though they are very different. Luna, a brave and clever little girl, is the only one not scared of Franklin because she read a book about dragons and can’t wait to be his friend. Together, they hatch a plan to share their love of reading with others.

A clever book that illustrates the importance of reading when it comes to learning about the world and understanding each other.

Written by Jen Campbell, beautifully illustrated by Katie Hartnett and published by Thames & Hudson.

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My Book of Birds

Being a passionate bird watcher, this is one of the most beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture books about birds I have come across in a long time. The illustrations were created with old magazine paper, art paper and wrapping paper and show the birds in beautiful simplicity.  This is one of Geraldo Valério’s masterpieces.

Georgie and I spent a lot of time flicking through the pages looking at the interesting illustrations and identifying the birds we had spotted when out and about.

My Book of Birds, written and illustrated by Geraldo Valério and published by Wren&Rook.

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The Grotlyn by Benji Davies

Have you ever wondered where those noises in the night come from? I know I have! If you, like me, live in a house where things go bump in the night, the chances are you have a Grotlyn.

But what is a Grotlyn? What sort of creature could it be? Georgie and I had fun trying to find ours. And she now blames everything that goes missing in the house on the Grotlyn (I’m sure our Grotlyn has blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes and it particularly seems to like biscuits and grapes).

The Grotlyn is a stunningly illustrated picture book by Benji Davies. Nostalgic and atmospheric in style, this rhyming book is delightful and will soon become one of our favourites.

Illustrated and written by Benji Davies, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books.


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