Bear, Bird and Frog by Gwen Millward










Bear, bird and frog is a gorgeous story about friendship, jealousy, sharing, forgiveness and a bit more friendship. Bear and bird are the best of friends. They live together in the middle of a wild forest. Bear and bird have plans for a big adventure. However the unannounced arrival of frog distracts bear and in his excitement he forgets about his original plans with bird.

Bird is incredibly jealous and is too stubborn to join the other two as the set off into the forest. He follows them from a distance, sulking from one place to another.

Bear keeps offering a hand of friendship by asking bird join them. Feeling sorry for himself, bird insists he is too busy doing other things.

Frog, who is relaxing with his arms and legs spread out on top of bear’s big, furry head, is suddenly in a spot of bother. An eagle swoops down and snatches frog; he ascends into the sky away from the safety of frog’s towering friend.

He manages to squirm free from the talons of the eagle. But he isn’t out of danger yet…

Bird swallows his pride and springs into action. Saving the day, he is reunited with his best friend. He has also made another best friend, frog.

I’m a primary school teacher. I come across bird almost on a daily basis. This is a fantastic story and I shall be sharing it with my class often. It’s a great book to generate discussion about friendship.

I also love how the book is illustrated. The characters are fantastic and the colours are beautiful and bright. If you look closely you can spot tiny insects buzzing around the plants.

Thank you for sending me your book Gwen.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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