My Teacher is a Monster, (No I Am Not) by Peter Brown


Peter Brown – he makes books for children and their adult slaves.

I’m a huge fan of Peter Brown’s picture books; I instantly fell in love with ‘Mr Tiger Goes Wild’ and have been eagerly awaiting the release of ‘My Teacher is a Monster’.

It especially strikes a chord with me; being a primary school teacher, I understand too well what it’s like to be the occasional ‘monster’.

The book is dedicated to misunderstood teachers and their misunderstood students, I liked this so much I wrote it on a post it note and stuck it to my classroom computer. It makes me smile and reminds me to not be a grump.

The book tells the story of a school boy who sees his teacher as this big green ogre of a woman, who barks orders, hates fun and tells everyone off.

Of course, what he doesn’t understand is that she is under immense pressure to reach targets, hasn’t hadn’t a proper night sleep since half term, is up all night marking their books and resourcing their outstanding lessons. 🙂

Bobby (the boy) or ROBERT to his teacher meets the monster in the park one day. Peter Brown communicates the awkwardness and fear of the child who sees his teacher outside of school brilliantly. The expression on Bobby’s face is priceless as he sits uncomfortably on the bench next to her. I’m sure all children think we only exist in the confines of our classrooms.

Bobby and his teacher end up having fun together and feed the ducks, they throw paper aeroplanes and Bobby rescues her hat from a gust of wind. Bobby sees another side to his teacher and then the illustrations start to change, Bobby’s teacher starts to look more and more human, until he’s back in the classroom and he gets a roasting for throwing a paper aeroplane across the room.


This made me laugh.








I agree Peter! I’m going to print this out and stick it on my computer as well.


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