Robot Zombie Frankenstein! By Annette Simon

I came across Annette Simon a while ago. I found her book Mocking Birdies on another blog somewhere. I read how it was created using QuarkXPress (which is software for desktop publishing and design). I found this really interesting; the book has a quality and aesthetic unlike any other picture book out there.


I posted it on Magpie That about a year ago. To my surprise, a couple of weeks ago Annette emailed me through the About page of my blog. We sent some emails back and forth and I told her how I love her book and I really like that she created it using Quark.

Annette told me she has two other picture books that she has illustrated using QuarkXPress, and she arranged for Walker Books to send me the one that is published in the UK.

The book has, possibly, the BEST title of any book in the whole world.

Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

Not a bed time story! But a fast-paced book with robots, zombies, pirates and. . . pie!

Geometric shapes are arranged into two robots, two robots with the minds of young evil genius’. They take it in turns to outdo each other as they become Robot Zombie, Robot Zombie Frankenstein, Robot Zombie Frankenstein Pirate. Where will it end? With Pie, perhaps.

Click here to get your hands an awesome Robot Zombie Activity Sheet from Annette’s website.

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