Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go? By Vilasinee Bunnag, Illustrated by Yasmin Doctor

A book about baby teeth and growing up – that celebrates humanity and its rich diversity.

Each page is filled with illustrations that are eye-catching and bold and add joie de vivre to the collection of stories.

In this brand new picture book by Mighty Twenty, we celebrate the magic and mystery of what happens to our baby teeth. Find out what happens to baby teeth from all corners of the world, from the US to Brazil to India to Nigeria to Sweden and more.

The book does 3 things for me; it teaches children the traditions of different cultures in an aspect of life that they can directly relate to. It also inspires awe and wonder about the milestone of losing those 20 milk teeth (as we call them in England) & it teaches children geography skills with bright, striking maps of the world.

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