The Curious Explorer’s Guide to Exotic Animals A to Z by Marc Martin

Marc martin is fast becoming one of my favourite picture book makers. Check out my reviews of his picture books, A River and the beautiful story of a seagull – Max.

For this nonfiction title, Marc Martin has partnered up with my favourite publisher of nonfiction children’s book, big Picture Press.

The book does what it says on the tin, it’s an A to Z of exotic animals. But what is really remarkable about this book is the illustrative work of Marc Martin. The animals depicted fit somewhere on the spectrum, between Miro’s surrealist creatures and reality. Marc martin manages to create a sense of magic realism (like an exaggerated version of our actual response to exotic animals). Each composition is surprising and ultimately, pleasing on the eye. The illustrations are rich in colour and full of texture.

A beautiful, beautiful book.

Published by Big Picture Press.

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