What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day? illustrated by Dawid Ryski

What do you want to be when you grow up? A common question that’s often answered with fireman or footballer for boys and princess or teacher for girls. This book highlights endless possibilities beyond the traditional gender stereotypes. From male primary school teachers to female farmers, from male carers to female carpenters, from male fitness trainers to female mechanical engineers, this book illustrates that anything is possible for boys and girls.

This book offers a perfect starting point for discussions about future ambitions and possible career choices.

I played a fun game with my class of 7 year olds where I mentioned the profession and they would tell me if they thought it was a male or female job. This sparked an interesting conversation where I found myself asking ‘Why not?’ quite a few times. This was also recently picked up on in a BBC documentary ‘No More Boys And Girls’ by Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim that investigated the impact of subconscious gender perception of adults and the impact that had on how children saw themselves. A brilliant book that will get children thinking.

The vintage style illustrations are beautiful and support the message of the book very well.

Published by Little Gestalten and brilliantly illustrated by Dawid Ryski.

carpenter (2) (500x500)

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