Romeo’s Big Book of Clever Ideas by Alain Gree

Haven’t we all done this? Prepared for a holiday but ended up with a suitcase way too heavy for us to carry and heavier than allowed  by luggage restrictions? I know I certainly have… and so has Romeo.

Romeo wants to go camping, but by the time he has finished, his suitcase is too heavy for him to lift. Luckily he has a book of clever ideas that suggests a number of ways Romeo could try to move the suitcase, some are more risky than others.

Again, Alain Gree uses his beautifully nostalgic feeling and hilariously funny illustrations to bring the text to life. This book covers scientific ideas in a brilliantly entertaining way. A great starting point for developing scientific thinking and reasoning as well as developing an understanding of risk taking.

Written by Alain Gree and published by Button Books.


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