ABC Word Play by Fany Perret

An interactive alphabet book for the design conscious toddler!

This is an eye-pleasing object for the bookshelf. The long rectangular shape and the bold, graphic typeface make this an irresistible board book to pick up and play with.

After you punch out the chunky neon letters, assemble the simple words on the other side of the spread, or spell new words of your own.

My toddlers adore this novelty book and have been going back to it again and again. They can’t spell the words yet; however, for them it is a captivating jigsaw puzzle that is introducing them to the shapes of capital letters.

Published by Chronicle Books

Publishing date 8/3/16

My Stencil Kit: Draw, colour and create your own stories by Hervé Tullet

From the best-selling children’s author of Press Here and Mix it Up! comes an imaginative children’s stencil kit for children to experiment and play with. The kit includes a paperback sketchbook with six die-cut boards and more than 200 stencil shapes to create their artwork and stories with.

Published by Thames & Hudson

Historium Poster Book (Welcome to the Museum) By Richard Wilkinson

Illustrated to perfection, this large-format poster book is the perfect accompaniment to the Big Picture Press’s Historium. This book allows you to decorate your walls with its beautiful imagery.

Great classroom resource for teachers also, I shall be decorating my classroom with these, for sure.

Published by Big Picture Press

1st March 2016

Dog Domino By Itsuko Suzuki

Another amazing game by Laurence King Publishing, love these!

This game is for two to four players and contains 28 cute and colourful dog dominoes. Have fun matching seven delightful pooches: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Labrador, Poodle, Pug and German Shepherd. Get your last domino down first to win the game and become top dog!

Story Box: Create Your Own Fairy Tales By Anne Laval


Laurence King Publishing do the best children’s gifts. I am over the moon with this game. It is beautifully illustrated, and begs to be played with. The game contains 20 puzzle pieces that are printed on both sides, each one can be interchanged and mixed up to create weird and wonderful plots. There are three alternative endings in this 8-foot-long fairytale puzzle.

I can’t wait to watch my children playing with this. Coming out soon, I urge all you parents to go grab one. Chuffed to bits – thank you to the lovely people at Laurence King for sending me this gem.

Dog Bingo By Polly Horner

Laurence King Publishing do it again! I adore these games they are publishing. From someone with a keen eye for design, I find them to be irresistible. From a teacher’s mindset and parent’s mindset I find them the perfect educational tool, a fun, memorable and engaging way to learn about all the different breeds of dogs out there.

As well as all that, it’s fun for us adults too! And educational for us adults, if like me you can name about 4 breeds of dog.

Christmas is coming up; I’m going to be filling stockings with these.

Published by Laurence King Publishing.