Last Stop on the Reindeer Express by Maudie Powell- Tuck

I am a firm believer that Christmas should start and stay in December. However, it’s never too early to discover Christmas books and think about potential presents and this book has most certainly made it onto my present giving list this year.

Mia’s dad can’t make it home for Christmas so she tries to find a way to at least get a Christmas card to him. After all, what makes Christmas special is family…no matter where they are. Enter a mysterious postbox and an unforgettable adventure that whisks Mia across snow-covered mountains and exotic streets lit by paper stars.

The illustrations by Karl James Mountford capture the romantic spirit of Christmas beautifully. The colours are understated and not ‘in your face’ which adds to the beautiful feel of this book. There is lots to discover on each page. Especially the different peek-through pages and hidden flaps make this a very special Christmas book.

Another gem of a picture book published by Little Tiger Press. Written by Maudie Powell-Tuck and illustrated by Karl James Mountford.

Romeo’s Big Book of Clever Ideas by Alain Gree

Haven’t we all done this? Prepared for a holiday but ended up with a suitcase way too heavy for us to carry and heavier than allowed  by luggage restrictions? I know I certainly have… and so has Romeo.

Romeo wants to go camping, but by the time he has finished, his suitcase is too heavy for him to lift. Luckily he has a book of clever ideas that suggests a number of ways Romeo could try to move the suitcase, some are more risky than others.

Again, Alain Gree uses his beautifully nostalgic feeling and hilariously funny illustrations to bring the text to life. This book covers scientific ideas in a brilliantly entertaining way. A great starting point for developing scientific thinking and reasoning as well as developing an understanding of risk taking.

Written by Alain Gree and published by Button Books.


Romeo Explores THE CITY by Alain Gree

Romeo Explores The City by Alain Gree is a lovely picture book for children aged 1-3. Every page has a question which provides a clue about where Romeo will go next to explore. A great book to help develop children’s language and word retrieval skills.

The pictures have a nostalgic feel to them and are not overloaded with unnecessary detail but provide enough detail to develop children’s vocabulary.

I know Harry and I will have lots of fun with this book once he starts talking. Until then, we enjoy looking at the colourful pictures.

Written by Alain Gree and published by Button Books.




Baby Chimp, Bobo, is back for another adventure. The sun is still up and this little Chimp wants to play with his friends, even though mum says it’s bedtime.

Play is a lovely picture book for every little monkey not ready to go to bed yet. A situation I’m sure every parent can emphasise with.

This book is perfect for early readers as it only uses a handful of words and the children can make up the rest of the story in their own words.

Written by Jez Alborough and published by Walker Books.DSC_0331DSC_0328DSC_0329DSC_0327

mibo The Forest Folk, The Marine Team & The Sky Guys by Madeleine Rogers

Aimed at the under 3 year olds, the mibo books show five animals from three different environments in rhyme and pictures. The illustrations are bold and bright and great for the learning of animals and the sounds they make.

Vibrant and modern, these board books are the perfect gift for tiny tots. Harry was determined to test the durability of these books and they endured everything that was thrown at them.

Gorgeous and bold illustrations by Madeleine Rogers and published by Button Books.

forest folk (500x439)marine team (500x396)sky guys (500x454)

Harry (413x500)

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain is a songbook based on the much-loved song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown that has been beautifully illustrated by Tim Hopgood. Tim Hopgood celebrates the rain and all its fun in his latest book. Jump in puddles, pop up your umbrellas and dance with joy through the pages of this gorgeous story.

The pictures support the lyrics beautifully and I found myself singing the song to Georgie rather than just reading the book.   The colours are bright and cheerful and all the characters are smiling. The illustrations really give the feeling that rain can be fun!

A happy and uplifting book where even the rain drops on each page put a smile on our faces. Georgie now keeps singing ‘What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again’ while she skips through the rain…very cute for a 3-year-old.

I think these songbooks are a great idea and I can’t wait to see which classic song Tim Hopgood will choose next.

Pictures by Tim Hopgood and published by Oxford University Press.

 Singing in the rain (392x500) (392x500)

Hibernation Hotel by John Kelly

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t actually what you want or need at all! That’s what Bear discovers when he leaves his friends and checks into Hibernation Hotel for a good night’s sleep.

The illustrations in this book are delightful and fun with lots to discover on every page.

We have a hedgehog called Knopf, lovingly referred to as Hedgie. Just like Knopf, Georgie now goes to ‘hibernate’ every night (although Knopf doesn’t actually hibernate at all).

This book is the perfect bedtime story for wriggly bums age 3+ who don’t want to go to sleep.

Written by John Kelly, beautifully illustrated by Laura Brenlla and published by Little Tiger Press.