Have you ever wondered what it was like living in Ancient Egypt? Find out in this fact filled book,  perfect for curious minds, old and young alike.

Egyptomania is a beautiful book about all things Ancient Egyptian. The illustrations are stunning and the lift-the-flaps on every page make the book all the more interesting. Learn about what Ancient Egyptians wore, what’s inside a pyramid, how a mummy is made and much much more.

I can’t wait to share this book with my Year 3s when we are learning about Ancient Egypt later on in the year.

A truly stunning book! Written by Emma Giuliani and Carole Saturno, published by Laurence King Publishing.

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Curiosity by Markus Motum

Have you ever wondered if there is life on Mars? I know the seven-year olds in my class have!

Discover the incredible story of the search for life on Mars, told from the unique perspective of Curiosity, the Mars Rover sent to explore the red planet. Markus Motum’s stylish illustrations and diagrams reveal how a robot travelled 350,000,000 miles to explore a planet where no human has ever been.

“One of the coolest picture books I have ever read!” Dulkifli (age 7) thinks… and I agree. Filled with facts, figures and tons of interesting information, this book is a must read for anyone wanting to become a scientist.

Written by Markus Motum and published by Walker Studio.

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Strong as a Bear

Strong as a Bear is a book of similes. From ‘free as a bird’ to ‘shy as a deer’, ‘wild as a tiger’ to ‘chatty as a cockatoo’ this book is filled with fun similes. The illustrations are beautifully simple but effective and clearly show the meaning of each simile.

I am always amazed at how quickly children learn. Georgie took one look at mum and described her as ‘red as a lobster’ and herself as ‘hungry as a wolf’. If only all literacy lessons were that easy.

Strong as a Bear was written by Katrin Stangl and published by Enchanted Lion Books.

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What could you swap a button for? In this book, a button gets swapped for two teacups. The teacups get swapped for ropes. The ropes get swapped for….and the swapping continues until the sad friend has everything he needs to turn his old ship into a new one.

This book is a great tool when teaching children that sharing and swapping is important.

The illustrations of the swapped items are in colour, the rest are in black and white. A very effective way of highlighting what is happening in the story.

Written and beautifully illustrated by Steve Light, published by Walker Books.

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The Nutcracker by Shobhan Patel

The Nutcracker was one of my favourite ballet productions when I was growing up. So it’s no surprise that this picture book has already made it into my top 5 picture books of all times.

The papercut pop-ups are a true piece of art and make the book so much fun to read. We used a torch to project the images onto a wall as we read the book. What a masterpiece by Shobhan Patel!

This book is a fantastic Christmas gift for adults and children with careful fingers.

The Nutcracker, a papercut pop-up book, written by Shobhan Patel and published by Thames & Hudson.



Mustard’s Christmas Wish by Sophie Scribble

Have you ever wondered how dogs see Christmas? This lovely story about Mustard, the sausage dog, is a wonderful modern spin on the classic ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’. Beautifully written and illustrated, we follow Mustard as he attempts to deliver his Christmas Cards on a cold Christmas Eve.

The illustrations support the story beautifully and the rhymes make it fun and easy to read. This is definitely the perfect Christmas book for dog lovers. I know we will be reading this with Chip and Georgie under the Christmas tree.

Written and illustrated by Sophie Scribble and printed by Amazon.

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Wolfy by Gregoire Solotareff

Wolfy is a beautiful tale of an unlikey friendship.

This inspriring story of friendship, full of fun and humour, is underpinned by beautifully striking illustrations with dramatic perspectives and loveable characters. It highlights how important it is to look after our friends and how easy it is to accidentally upset the ones who are most important to us.

I used this book after a rather challenging lunch time with lots of children falling out with one another. This story offered the perfect starting point for the children to reflect on their and Wolfy’s behaviour. We then discussed what Wolfy could have done differently and how he could now make things better.

What a fantastic picture book!

Written by Gregoire Solotareff and published by Gecko Press.

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